Insight that Transforms from Insight provides Business Intelligence and Analytics consultancy services by converging large sets of consumer raw data and then consolidating and presenting them into logical, functional and insightful analysis.

Insights drawn from these analytics can help organizations make decisions with precision and to develop dynamic strategies for business transformation, sustainability and profitability.

Making accurate business decision is demanding and response to opportunities is time-sensitive. Organizations should not leave their decision to chance and lose sight of potential untapped opportunities that could be translated into greater value in their balance sheets.

We believe that organizations of any size should leverage on analytics to help them improve their business performance. This will enable organizations to better position themselves to re-design facets of their operation and strategies to meet competitions head on.

Deriving insights from analytics can help identify business opportunities in a faster, accurate and timely manner. This will provide added strategic dimension to shape and steer the course of business with agility against the competitive tides.

Our logo depicts this belief as you can visualize the “A” as the sail of a ship that steers the course of the journey. This imagery is akin to a business strategic direction and it is imperative to adjust the “business sail” with agility to ensure business survival and sustainability.

The ‘i’ and the “D” convey incision and data. Analytics through data slicing and data drilling create logical, accurate, meaningful and functional insights which help organizations plan innovative strategies and propel with momentum by pushing new frontiers.

Analytics should not just be confined to the larger organizations like the Multi-National Companies (MNCs), the benefits should likewise be applicable to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME).

We are passionate in helping all MNCs and SMEs harness the full potential of the insights drawn from the consumer data to drive business profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in the big five consultancy IT firms, various Business Intelligent product platform solutions, various ERP solutions and business processes across various applications.

Our knowledge, expertise and experience provide us the advantage to better encapsulate the challenges faced by companies and translate them into insightful and cutting-edge solutions that will take your business to greater heights.


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