Dashboard reduced 450pxAgile Insight provides Business Intelligent and Analytics consultancy, primarily focuses on the retail and wholesaling sectors, hospitality sectors, airport and transportation hub and property developers that own and operate retail facilities and any organization that requires our analytics platform for business excellence.

Our solution can help revive and awaken organizations from the brim of dormancy and complacency to a state of vibrancy and victory.

How ?

Agile insight uses a highly self discovery and data visualization tool to consolidate organisations’ large quantities of complex raw data systematically and transform these statistics into meaningful, useful, functional and insightful analyses.

Insights derived from these analytics can alert organisations of areas of untapped hidden profits, inspire innovative and targeted strategies, more resource- focused planning, deployment and spending across all functions, be they, marketing, merchandise or supply chain.

With our analytic solutions, organizations will no longer be constrained by conventional and pre-configured static report and allow decisions to be based on information that is not current, timely and accurate.

Our business intelligence dashboard which is a data visualization tool will pull data from various sources and consolidate, arrange and display them on a single screen in beautiful, smart and easy to view and understand visual. It is self-help and can be interfaced with any device where users can access, visualise, search and explore data.

Data can include:

The data generated can help you derive valuable insights that can either be used for a single department’s purpose or provide the flexibility for cross-functional sharing among departments; which makes strategies cohesive and collaborative departmental decisions effective and intelligent. You can create and share dynamic data and drag and drop for better visual impact.

It also has a customizable interface that enables users to pull out real-time data from multiple sources. The data can also be accessible via any mobile or tablet which allows instant access while on the go. You can create and share dynamic data and drag and drop for user-friendly visual impact.


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