How would you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign? Does it translate to drawing footfall to your stores? Are you achieving higher ROI (Return on Investment) for every marketing dollar spent? Are you retaining customers and capturing new ones with creative and targeted campaigns?


Marketing Campaign Insight

Marketing Campaign Insight enables you to justify whether the campaign is effective by measuring it against the footfall traffic that is captured from the Shopper Behaviour Insight. It will be able to attribute to the sales results generated from the marketing programme that is targeted at the loyalty members as well as to measure walk-ins to your stores.

Marketing is a cost centre and is quite often challenged and constrained by a tight budget and the pressure to yield a higher ROI (Return on Investment). It is a creative discipline that requires analytical and stringent measure of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and campaign effectiveness.

It has been a best practice that organizations go the extra mile to stretch the marketing dollar to ensure budgets are quantified and justified with higher purchase and conversation rate and customer retention. Tapping into insightful analytics, it can drive efficiency, revenue delivery, investment into a new line of business, deploy resources and to devise creative messages and customer-centric promotion to influence customers’ decision in a more holistic, accurate and faster manner.


Key Benefits

 The Marketing Campaign Insight helps to:

  • provide holistic data on customers’ purchase pattern and preferences
  • optimize marketing budget in productive ways
  • develop more targeted campaigns
  • generate more leads
  • yield better returns
  • increase customers traffic and conversion rate
  • provide insightful profiling of customers
  • track purchase pattern and product preferences
  • refine and define strategies in targeted and creative fashion


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