Have you fully utilized all possible channels to sell your products? Do you have the tools to track your customers from multiple channels collectively? Do you have an aerial view of your product performance and customers’ preference across all channels?


Omni Retail Channel Insight

In the ever competitive retail landscape, retailers are faced with the pressure to offer the right product to the right customer and through the right channel. Extending the store front to the online world is no longer an option to be excluded in order to engage the ever fleeting consumers. This demands different system to support each shopping channel as well as the supply chain. Inadvertently, customers’ information will be residing across the systems, which increases the complexity in the consolidation of information.

Omni Retail Channel Insight is able to pull together a single view of the customers across multiple channels, comprising the store, e-commerce, call centre, catalogues and mobile.

The retailers will be able to analyze sales, inventory and customer data across all channels superseding the silo view point.

The retailers will be able to leverage more efficiently on the operations of their supply chain across all channels.

The marketing department will be able to derive insights from the customers’ profile that presents information on the customers’ demographic and preferences, thus enabling marketer to develop and formulate targeted promotional events and campaigns with maximum impact.

The operation department will be able to identify the impact of returns across all channels and determine which channel accumulates the most returns and why.

Key Benefits

 The Omni Channel Insight helps to:

  • provide a 360 view of customers
  • consolidate a single view across multiple channels
  • provide better demand and logistics planning
  • deploy marketing budget in targeted manner
  • rationalize returns and profits in each channel and why


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