QlikViewData Discovery and Self-Service Data Visualization

QlikView is an associative and intuitive platform that leads you to powerful insight discovery.

It provides interactive and guided analytics, self-service data visualization, collaboration and engagement among peers and drives agility across enterprise operations.


Social business discovery

Users will collaborate on the creation of analytic applications and can define and answer their own questions in formal or informal groups.

They communicate with each other to collaboratively explore the data to forge path that will lead to valuable discovery of insight and improved decision.

They explore Business Discovery application through a social lens to find insight that will be most relevant to them.


QliksenseComparative Analysis
It is one of the unique core capabilities of QlikView and its associative engine has been taken to a new level.

With its Comparative Analysis feature, you can easily compare and interact with multiple, complex views as well as in easy data selection and retrieval.  This gives users new ways to spot trends, outliers or differences.


Mobile Business Discovery

It enables user the ability to make decision anywhere and anytime while delivering the same associative experience, interactive analysis, access to live data and search. It supports tablet, smart phones Apple, Android, Blackberry.

Rapid Analytic Application Platform

It helps business users and office teams contribute to the creation of analysis quickly and simply without requiring extensive ongoing involvement from I.T.

Enterprise Platform

The Enterprise or Business Discovery Platform must be compatible to the IT specifications and requirement in order to activate the security mechanism to protect sensitive data. This platform has the ability to crunch massive volume of data quickly. These tools are advanced yet easy-to-use and administer. They are designed to improve performance of large deployments and thus making it easier for IT professionals to secure and administer.


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