Are you engaging your customers on all fronts? Are you in-tune with the new media to stay current on trends? Are you able to identify trends that go viral which can impact your merchandise assortment?


Social Media Insight

The realm of social media expands your understanding of your customer sentiments. Encompassing the new media provides a more holistic view of customers’ behaviour measurement. It gives an accurate and more current and timely view of the true market conditions in terms of who your followers are and who can potentially be converted to be your followers. This will ultimately increase your market share.

Millennials use social media to connect with their friends and family. Their conversations among peers and interest groups would have a strong bearing on the brands and the retailers. Brand switching could happen in an instant if negative feedback were to go viral. Retailers and Brand owners alike are aware that having their presence on social media sites is not enough.

Retailers and Brand owners must stay in tune with the narratives within the social media space to understand trends in the marketplace and to sift out trends that can influence their merchandise assortment planning and decision. That will help shape their promotional activities in a more targeted and results-oriented manner. It is imperative that retailers should be seen seamlessly engaging their customers on all fronts, covering their entire stretch of physical stores to the virtual online sites. This will provide a consistent experience for each customer – at every touch point, anytime and anywhere.

Key Benefits

 The Social Media Insight helps to:

  • provide a true and current view of market situation
  • keep abreast of customers’ feedback and exercise quick service recovery
  • stay in tune of trends through narratives
  • capture customers at every touch point 24/7


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